…embracing your inherent inner genius to heal and live your best life.

Hi, I’m Shelley. Previously a Lyme fighter, I used cannabis and a few other herbs to finally overcome Lyme. After, I authored Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions to help patients and doctors using cannabis for Lyme on their own journeys to health.

I am a scientific and wellness writer for various publications, a senior managing editor for the health/wellness/science section of a magazine, a certified nutritionist/dietician, and a yoga instructor and yoga therapist (trained in western based and Ayurvedic models) —all of which I combine to create individualized healing protocols for clients as a certified and trained clinical Master Herbalist.

Currently, I am furthering my ability to create comprehensive mind-body treatment plans by getting my CPT (certified personal trainer) with a speciality in corrective exercise (CES) through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

I occasionally have open spots for new herbal or yoga therapy clients. Contact me and let me know what you need help with, and if I can help you I will get to it! If I am unable to, I have a host of people I am more than happy to refer you out to. 🙂 Be well, and stay kind, S. contact@shelleymwhite.com

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