Through the Looking Glass of Invisible Illness

The heartbreak is intangible, the waters are deep. 

The path is indecipherable, with waves thrashing me into the unknown, 

and that was my first mistake -believing I knew what my future held. 

Now, almost all is uncertain, 

of only one thing I am sure. 

This pain is chronic, 

there is no overnight cure. 

They call this illness invisible, but ironically it has enabled me to see more. 

I now know the eyes are but merely a gateway, they are the soul’s door. 

I can see what you are thinking,

I can sense what you are feeling.

This illness has replaced my eyes with intuition, 

and my once angst laden mind with one that is no longer reeling.

I see through touch, 

now my visions are vibrant,

Steadily streaming not from what I see, 

but from all I deeply feel

-the sting of the truth that this fight is not physical but invisible,

a trail to a clearing with enough space for my wounds to surface and heal.

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