Health Planner – Treatment Planner for Chronic Illness

A health planner can help you stay organized during treatment for chronic illness. I created the HELLO HEALTH PLANNER to help you organize treatments on a day to day basis, medications, doctor appointments, meal prepping and more. 

The video below walks you through the entire planner, which you can download free PDF printables of. You can also find the download for the PDF printable of the chronic illness treatment planner on the RESOURCES page. 

The HELLO HEALTH PLANNER is a chronic illness treatment planner that includes pages to organize the following information:

-Current medication list (Date started, medication/supplement/herb name, dose, and frequency)

-Upcoming doctor appointments (date/time/notes section for any additional treatment or appointment information)

-Week view (basic weekly view calendar for the week ahead where you can put any notes relevant to the upcoming week)

-Month view/monthly calendar (basic month to month calendar to pencil in any important notes on specific dates for the upcoming months. Also a general NOTES section for each month where you can write any notes to remember that month)

-Weekly meal plan: On this page, you can write out your diet/meal for each meal each day of the week so you can stay on schedule with your diet if on a strict diet. Also includes side boxes to list “things to buy” for meals that week to remember when grocery shopping, as well as a “notes” box to jot down any additional notes relevant to your weekly meal prepping.

-Daily treatment planner pages for each day of the week: For every day of the week, you have a new daily treatment planning page where you list your daily healing mantra and any new changes in treatment at the top of the page. Then, there is a treatment checklist, where you list treatments you may have to do daily and check them off to ensure you do them. Also includes a “to do & reminders” section, a “3 things I’m grateful” box to keep a positive mentality, and a place to write any noticeable changes in symptoms and health (positive or negative) at the end of each day. (This correlates with the “any new changes in treatment” box at the start of each day, that way you can kind of have an idea of what may or may not be working for you)

-Contact list: page to list relevant contact information like doctors etc.

-Additional treatment checklist pages incase all of the treatments you need to do for a day do not fit on the daily treatment planner page and you need more room to list treatments.



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