Journey Through Pain: Distinguishing Between What Matters and What Doesn’t

While enduring a pain filled night induced by the full moon of 2014, along with Bartonella and many other factors, I decided to do something different. Rather than worry about the fact that I must sleep in order to heal, I decided to use it as an opportunity. Either way, I was up with insomnia,... Continue Reading →

What it is Like to Have Lyme Disease

Imagine everything that's old always feels new. Imagine what was once familiar is now unfamiliar. Imagine waking up to an existence more surreal than your dreams. Imagine losing everything rendering nothing as everything. Imagine all of your lies meeting your truth. Imagine you would die to live what you once considered a nightmare. Imagine becoming... Continue Reading →

Lyme and the Illusion of Time

Another full moon has passed, reminding me that life seems like one long day, a constant horror movie in which I have been cast. I go to sleep each night, only to wake to the same familiar morning, as I make my way cautiously through the day, quite aware that pain comes without a warning.... Continue Reading →

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