Guest Blogger Don Ashcraft Finds Humor in the Hospital (Something We’d All Be Wise to Do)

Guest blogger Don Ashcraft reminds us of the the importance of keeping our humor when sick, even when in the hospital for surgery.

Pain and Suffering

Learn to separate pain from suffering The End of Suffering: How to Separate Pain From Suffering There is great power in suffering and pain -primarily in learning to distinguish between, and separate, the two. Chronic pain is our harshest teacher. It is also one of the egos worst enemies, as it demands our awareness into... Continue Reading →

The Duality of Disease

Always, pulling me through the dark forces of the night, Was the promise of a sun soon arising to illuminate my soul with its light. Until my promise was cast an illusion during the witching hour of a full moon, Whom emitted the cowardly darkness with enough energy to summon the courage to once and... Continue Reading →

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