Negative Emotions: What Do We Do with Them? How Do We Get through the Hours of Excruciating Pain and Darkness?

When a negative feeling arises, use it. Keep it. Feel it. Become it. Inhale it. Feel it in your heart, lungs, and veins. Tweet Navigating your way through the haze of chronic Lyme disease is a feeling which words do not exist for. You cannot imagine it or describe it, only experience it. It's as... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia’s Role in Chronic Illness

After the initial hurt of breaking up with a romantic partner, we have an almost instinctual tendency to remember all of the bad times about the relationship rather than the good ones. Oddly, on the other hand, when illness forces us to break up with the familiarity of our old lives,  we have an almost... Continue Reading →

Alone, But Not Lonely.

One of the most difficult adjustments forced upon us by serious illness is that of suddenly finding ourselves alone. Whether we are around others or not, we now seem to have a part of us that will in many ways always be alone. Mostly, this sounds like a horribly haunting notion, so much so it... Continue Reading →

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