How To Deal With Feeling Lazy and Unproductive When You Are Sick

Chronic Illness, Feeling Lazy, and The Drive to be Productive Often, when healing from a long term illness, we are quick to beat ourselves up and feel that we are lazy. However, that is not true! Too often, we make the mistake of focusing so much on curing ourselves that our efforts become counterproductive and... Continue Reading →

Lyme and Resentment

A dense fog of resentment effortlessly settles in the hearts and minds of anyone diagnosed with a serious, life-changing illness. Hope of the fog giving way to sunny days becomes less and less with each passing moment we allow the fog to stay. Having a chronic illness can easily paint the picture of a life... Continue Reading →

Pain and Suffering

Learn to separate pain from suffering The End of Suffering: How to Separate Pain From Suffering There is great power in suffering and pain -primarily in learning to distinguish between, and separate, the two. Chronic pain is our harshest teacher. It is also one of the egos worst enemies, as it demands our awareness into... Continue Reading →

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