Simple Strategies to Keep Your Mind and Body Young (Guest Post, Dana Brown)

**Simple Strategies to Keep Your Mind and Body Young, guest post by Dana Brown of Health Conditions | ** According to AgingCare, several important factors can cause us to look and feel older than we’d like — including a lifestyle that lacks exercise, mental stimulation, nutritious foods, and calming, stress-relieving activities such as yoga... Continue Reading →

Herbs for Candida Die-Off

While it is true candida lives naturally inside our intestines where it is supposed to be in balance with the healthy bacteria within us, it is also true that our not so healthy environments are prone to destroying this healthy bacteria; thus throwing off the balance between the two and allowing for candida overgrowth. When... Continue Reading →

Mental Pain from Weekends Alone: The “Gap”

Mental pain is quite different from physical pain, and if you are anything like me, you have felt its presence intensely .....It flows into your chest and tightens your muscles with the sorrow and heartbreak stemming from over 600 Saturday nights spent alone within the same four walls....Tweet Mental pain is quite different from physical... Continue Reading →

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