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Yoga Warm-Up Benefits: Try This Quick Video to Improve Health

7 min gentle yoga warm-up

This 7 Minute Gentle Yoga Warm-Up video is a free yoga video you can do from home first thing in the morning to warm up for the day or before doing a more intense yoga class or other form of more rigorous exercise. It’s also a great full body stretch and gentle warm up to do before running.

Quick full body yoga stretches are great ways to use yoga as warm-ups to get your mind and body warmed up for the day or to get your muscles ready to safely do a more intense form of yoga or other type of exercise.

A great way to begin the day, to take a break whenever you need it and get a good stretch during the day, or to warm-up before a power yoga class or another type of exercise.

Before you exercise, it is crucial to warm-up. The same is true for yoga –you should always do a full body gentle yoga warm-up stretch before starting a more intense yoga flow or full hour long class. So whether you are a beginner or advanced student of yoga, or someone who prefers other types of exercise, always remember to warm-up beforehand. An easy way to warm-up is to do a quick yoga-warm up like this 7 minute gentle yoga warm-up video, which will help you warm up from head to toe which helps the body safely start to open up and prepare for whatever type of exercise you are warming up for (a power or vinyasa yoga class, running, etc).

Doing a short yoga stretch for your warm-up is a great way to start or warm-up for a full length more intense yoga class or other form of exercise. Warming up your body properly before exercising is important to prevent injury or over exertion. Most are used to warming up before exercise with some gentle stretches. However, combining the stretches into a short yoga sequence that works as a quick yoga warm-up sequence like this yoga-warm up video that is only 7 minutes long is a great way to fluidly warm up and to get used to stretching in a more flow-like intentional manner as is done in yoga if you are a beginner to yoga.

yoga chronic pain muscle pain trigger point therapy