Opening Your Heart Center: How to Navigate the Obstacles of Heart Based Living

Opening your heart center to engage in heart based living can greatly increase the richness and joy of your life. But it is important to be aware that you may face obstacles when journeying into the realm of heart based perception. That way, you can learn to navigate the common obstacles of heart based living so you know what to do if you are faced with them.

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Find out more about what exactly heart based living, or heart consciousness is.

Heart based living means placing your consciousness in your heart, rather than your head, at times to allow the heart to intuitively guide you using your “feeling sense” –not your emotions, but the sense of knowing that arises in situations for no particular reason, the sense that something “feels right” or “feels wrong”. 

The heart interprets outside sensory input before the brain does due to its vast electromagnetic field. So, learning to interpret signals sent to the brain from the heart is essential to heart based living. 

Pros and Cons of Heart Based Living: Pros

Becoming aware of the heart’s ability to do this leads to the development of what we often refer to as your intuition and your ability to use your intuition to guide you through life. When you can work with your intuition in this way, you are able to become an active participant in your life and you stop feeling like life is simply “happening” to you. 

If you want to engage in heart based living, you have to first connect with your field. Simply doing this 15 minute guided meditation every day will get you well on your way to heart based living

Pros and Cons of Heart Based Living: Cons

On the darker side, when you initially begin working with your heart as an organ of perception, you are prone to facing certain challenges since you are navigating your way through new territories. For example, you are taking in more unfiltered sensory data than you are most likely used to, and may experience sensory overwhelm/overstimulation.

Also, it can become difficult to decipher what you really feel and think when you are constantly letting in what others feel and think. Fortunately, it is quite easy to avoid this if you are aware of what is happening.

Overcoming the Obstacles of Heart Based Living 

Fortunately, you can overcome these possible pitfalls of heart based living and still reap the positive benefits.  One of the primary ways to do so is by gaining acute self awareness and becoming keenly aware of the difference between “me” and “not me” to distinguish if what you are feeling is coming from you or from energy you have taken on from someone or something else. 

To do this, become accustomed to routinely asking yourself, “was I feeling this way prior to being in a new environment or around a new person?”. Trace your way back to the origin of the emotion or feeling that is bothering you. 

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Meditation, alone time, and setting aside time for extreme self care is also of extreme importance, because you must take time to go within and know yourself on the deepest level.

You must become familiar with all the parts within that make you an integrated whole, even the darkest parts we tend to avoid, so you are aware what is you and what is not you.

How to Cope with Sensory Overwhelm From Heart Based Living 

Sensory overwhelm/overload is also likely to happen at times, and it is important to take alone time to decompress when this occurs. Any of these simple tactics will offer relief:

  • If you are home or somewhere where you are able to, go to a quiet room or maybe somewhere outside in nature. Meditate, or just simply be in silence and tune into the sensation of your breathing. 
  • You can also do a specific meditation for heart based living. such as a guided heart opening meditation, which will greatly reduce sensory overwhelm in only 15 minutes.
  • Do any mindful activity where you can avoid all external stimulation so you can go within and feel only what is real to you

Why Learning to Sense and Connect with Your Heart’s Energy Field Is So Important 

Focusing only on  the energy of your own heart field as it expands throughout your body can ground you back into your own energy. Over time, working with this simple meditation alone can help you get out of or reduce sensory overwhelm in around 30 minutes. However, connecting to your heart field for as little as 3-5 minutes in this way various times throughout the day can be immensely helpful in reducing episodes of overwhelm. 

In short, heart based living can greatly enrich your quality of life and bring a depth and meaning to it you never knew possible.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to navigate your way around or through these downfalls, so you can still engage in heart based living in a way that ultimately enriches your quality of life to a significant degree in every aspect. 

If you are someone used to using your heart as an organ of perception, have dabbled in doing so, let me know in the comments what your experience has been like.  In your opinion, what benefits does it offer? Pitfalls? Is it worth it? 

Feeling a little lost and in need of guidance as you make the journey from mind based consciousness to heart based living/consciousness? I’d be happy to guide you and help in any way! 

Or if you are new to do this and have questions, leave them in the comments below. 

I will gladly answer, and help you on every step of the journey. Thanks for reading, and thanks for showing up for yourself today! 


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