Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation: Improve Your Life With This Short, Simple Daily Meditation

​This is a short guided meditation for mindfulness when you need to take a second to chill out, relax and find your center.

Mindfulness meditation has many health benefits. Mindfulness meditation teaches you to approach life from a place of mindfulness, which in itself is packed with health benefits.

Add a regular meditation practice to the mix, and when it comes to a healthy, happy lifestyle you’re pretty much golden –or, at least, you have your map to get there.

Stick with it.


🔹Stress Relief

🔹Anxiety Relief

🔹Improved cognitive functions (studies show it thickens the prefrontal cortex)

benefits of meditation

🔹Enhanced Memory

🔹Better sleep

🔹Improved self-esteem/self-worth

🔹Weight loss

🔹Decreased pain levels

🔹And so much more!

Try any of my free guided meditations from my Youtube meditation and pranayama playlist to get started!

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And, as always, let me know what YOUR thoughts on meditation are. Do you have a current practice, or a favorite type? Or are you a beginner, and are you going to start practicing? Also, let me know what you thought of the meditation practice you chose from my playlist in the comment section below (either on this post or below the video on youtube)!. I love to hear your feedback.



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