Candace Moore yoga by Candace yoga Lyme disease
Candace Moore overcame a severe case of late stage Lyme disease, and is now a wildly successful yoga teacher who travels the world teaching, an entrepreneur, author and more. Here’s her amazing story of resilience

Few can argue that yoga offers a vast array of health benefits, and is especially helpful for easing tension and helping one feel more centered on all levels –physically, mentally, and spiritually. After getting Lyme disease, I was in dire need of such benefits, but often found that even “beginners” yoga videos or classes were very much advanced for me. However, since I so badly wanted to feel calm and connected with my body again, I would push through only to end up injuring myself. So, for a long time, I gave up on yoga.

Then, during a particularly dark time when I was feeling entirely disconnected from myself on all levels, I decided to give yoga one last shot out of a sheer desperation to reconnect with myself again. So, I scrolled through countless yoga videos on YouTube until I came across one that looked doable for me, even in my bed ridden state. It was a “bed yoga” video by Candace Moore, Founder of Yoga by Candace.

5 minute bed yoga yoga by Candace

In under 15 minutes her video literally transformed me from a scattered mess to a calmer, saner version of myself, and I slept peacefully that night for the first time in months. After that, I began trying some of her other videos, and before I knew it I had graduated from bed yoga and was back on the mat again thanks to Candace.

I remember thinking, “it’s as if she knows what it’s like to have a chronic illness and spend long durations in bed, since she offers beginners yoga videos that actually help instead of injure me.” I didn’t actually think she understood what it was like to have a serious illness though, considering she looked insanely healthy and had other advanced yoga videos where she demonstrated poses that require one to be incredibly fit, and thus basically 100% healthy.

namaslay by Candace Moore yoga by Candace

However, after purchasing Candace’s book Namaslay, I learned I was very wrong. It turns out Candace not only knew what it was like to have a debilitating illness, but she knew what it was like to have Lyme disease, as she herself had such a severe case of Lyme disease that her brain and body were seriously affected. At one point, she was unable to even dress herself due to excruciating pain, and couldn’t even comprehend what people were saying because their words sounded garbled together due to the neurological impacts of the disease.

Nonetheless, she fully recovered to a state where she feels even healthier than she did before Lyme disease, and now runs a successful business and is the founder of the wildly popular blog and website Yoga by Candace, is an international yoga instructor, and author who travels all over the world. Personally, I do not know many “healthy” people with that kind of stamina, much less ones who have had Lyme. To me, this makes her story of recovery especially inspiring, which is why I was so excited when she agreed to the following interview CONTINUE READING –>

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