Acupressure For Insomnia

Acupressure for insomnia First locate the 2 simple points we will be using :

1. Joyful sleep (point k26): Located under inner ankle right below ankle bone. When you slide fingers down from ankle bone you will find a dip where the point is, as shown above in picture (Fun fact: This point is also the 6th point on the kidney meridian, which is directly connected to your Prana, aka your vital life force)

2. Calm sleep (point B60): is located just below the outer ankle, as shown in the bottom right photo.

Acupressure for sleep

After locating your points:

-Press your thumb into the “joyful sleep point.”

-Use your other fingers to press into the “Calm sleep point “, located on the outer ankle.

-Do this for around a minute, before giving your other foot some TLC via activating acupressure points for insomnia so you can sleep like the total babe …or manly man?… that you are 😘 🦶

Namaste my loves, from my heart to yours 💋

**DONT FORGET: comment below on how this worked for you!

ALSO: do you have a quick fix for insomnia? Whether it’s something less commonly talked about (like using acupressure to relax and catch quality 💤’s), or a more commonly known practice, ritual or sleep aid… TELL US ABOUT IT BELOW!

One thing doesnt work work for everyone. So share ANY insomnia hacks you’ve found at all beneficial with the community.

I believe our job in life is to learn, through experience, struggle, or even good ol research (although nothing bearts personal life lessons), & then go out in the world 🌎 & share our lessons & what we learned.

You never know whose life you may have a major positive impact on by sharing a seemingly simple life lesson or learning.

Bravely, be a vessel of education.

That’s how, together, we become change makers —whether big or small, sharing our wisdom & knowledge with good intent is how we collectively bring more kindness, compassion, courage & strength to the world.

I don’t know about you, but that’s a purpose I’m honored to have 🤛

Share your perspective in the comment section below

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