In the world we live in, the fostering of mental well-being is often put on the back burner, placing low on our list of priorities, if it makes it there at all. Partly, it is pushed aside because most people are taught from a young age not to show “weakness” in mentality, implicitly teaching us that the expression of emotions beyond a certain range and, in short, openly displaying that you are human, is weak. As a result, many individuals who are suffering mental anguish to an unhealthy degree remain silent out of fear of appearing weak. So, they tell themselves what they are feeling is no big deal and they need to get over it, burying negative thoughts and feelings deep within, where they fester and inevitably impact various areas of a person’s life. Many people who do end up seeking help in improving their mental well-being do so by visiting their primary care physician or a psychiatrist, whose solutions to such ‘problems’ are psychiatric medications with side effects that all too commonly result in a worsening of mental health. CONTINUE READING ON COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION

Herbs for Mental Health
My top 5 favorite herbs to boost mental health and happiness in very specific ways!

Yoga To Increase Mental Well-Being

Yoga has been proven to increase mental health and well-being.


Here are 7 simple yoga poses to start the day!

Additionally, try one of the two following morning yoga classes to start your day on a positive foot (or any other of my free morning yoga class to get your day going, which you can find here)

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety

Yoga is also great for reducing stress and anxiety, as discussed here.

Any of these free yoga classes will benefit you if feeling stressed or anxious: YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF

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Which herb or style of yoga did you find most beneficial for your mental well-being? OR, do you have a favorite hack, product etc. to boost your mental well-being? Share in the comments below!

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