List of Herbs for Organ Support During Lyme Treatment 

Throughout the duration of treatment for Lyme disease and Lyme disease co-infections, I have been lucky enough to avoid any major organ damage. After my first year of treating Lyme disease with antibiotics, I began to feel as if I would seriously damage my organs if I continued with aggressive, long term antibiotic treatment.

With this realization, came another one that significantly changed the course of my treatment and thus my entire future, and most likely saved my organs from irreparable damage as well – I realized antibiotics were not right for my body and I needed a more supportive protocol.

herbs for organ support Lyme disease by shelley m white

So, I began treating strictly with herbs, including ones to support my organs throughout treatment. I understand that antibiotics help many people and am therefore not arguing against them (as that is a personal decision made between doctor and patient); rather, I am saying that in any course of treatment, I believe adding in methods of organ support is crucial to the overall healing process.

The following herbs are the ones I have personally used to successfully support my own organs during treatment CONTINUE READING->


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-Basics of yoga for chronic illness

-restorative bed yoga, therapeutic yoga

-strengthening after muscle wasting from being bed ridden

-yoga and meditation challenges

-webinars EXCLUSIVE to group that are often vulnerable in nature yet something ill individuals deal with often (…off the top of my head, “dealing with a divorce or break up when disabled”, as I have first hand experience of working my way through that one), or “full body myofascial release course” ….or watch me make my special herbal recipe live streaming.

-Also, live streaming classes together

-yoga challenges

-worksheets for healing such as journal prompts

-herbal tips

-member exclusive videos and mp3s (free downloads) and bundles like the bed yoga bundle that cost non-members offered for FREE for group members.

-healing techniques such as tapping, reflexology and sooo. much more.

….SO, yes, it’s called yoga for lyme, but it encompasses various healing techniques …all of which focus around the philosophical principals of yoga.

May all beings be happy

May all beings be free



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