Cordyceps are a great way to naturally increase energy
If I had my way about it, the word “Cordyceps” would be next to the word “strength” in the dictionary, due to the numerous strengthening effects the mushroom has on the body.

If I had my way about it, the word “Cordyceps” would be next to the word “strength” in the dictionary, due to the numerous strengthening effects the mushroom has on the body.

Since I do not have my way about it (in the case, at least ;)), I will settle for telling you a little (very true) story for the time being. 

For three years in the mid-1990s Wang Junxia dominated the world of female distance running. She became the fastest long distance runner in the world, and in history. Wang broke the world records in the 3,000 and 10,000 meter runs, and won gold and silver medals at the Atlanta Olympics. As a key part of her training program, she consumed an herbal tonic in which Wild Cordyceps was the main ingredient. 

Although her performances caused many people to speculate that she had used steroids, Wang never failed a drug test. Still, she was tested for drugs various times throughout that period. She denies ever using a steroid or any performance enhancing substance other than the legal, safe, and life enhancing mushroom cordyceps sinenses. 

In the above story, we see an athlete overcome limits and reach what some would call superhuman achievements.  However, she is not the only one. Athletes all over the world have chosen to ditch harmful stimulants and steroids to instead jump on the cordyceps bandwagon instead. 

If cordyceps are regarded so highly by athletes for their ability to safely enhance performance, better than steroids or stimulants, then it is safe to say we have something to learn from them. The average human being has complaints of fatigue, stamina and the like. With all the toxins and harmful chemicals we are exposed to, disease is at an all-time high while performance is at an all-time low.  

This begs me to ask the question, if cordyceps can do so much for athletes in regards to performing strenuous activity, what can it do for the average person in regards to performing everyday tasks? If cordyceps are so amazing and powerful, then why have they failed to stir up greater hype? 

Well, there is a good, yet to some slightly disturbing reason for this. Cordyceps sinensis is a parasitic dried fungus that grows on caterpillar larvae native to high altitude regions of China, Nepal, and Tibet. If you can look past the gross factor, you will easily see how the awesome factor far outweighs it. 

Now, let’s explore a few of the mechanisms by which Cordyceps enhance energy and stamina: 

*Cordyceps improve performance by improving oxygen consumption by the cardiopulmonary system under stress, and by increasing tissue energy levels to a steady state. This means cordyceps works to enhance performance in two major ways. When under stress, which most of us can attest to being under often, our oxygen levels decline. With this brings anxiety, high blood pressure, a foggy head, racing thoughts, and the like; essentially resulting in poor or lessened performance in whatever you are trying to achieve. By increasing oxygen levels during stressful situations, cordyceps help you control the negative stress-induced symptoms you are prone to. 

*On top of that, cordyceps take care of the growing epidemic of energy depletion. Low energy alone causes you to function at a level that is lower than your full potential.

*By increasing energy at the tissue level rather than at a surface level, as substances such as caffeine do, cordyceps raises your stamina and steadily keeps your energy intact. Knowing this renders unhealthy quick-fixes, such as energy drinks, as highly unintelligent sources for fatigue.

Of course there are plenty more reasons why cordyceps is so phenomenal at increasing energy levels, and why it provides a number of other benefits. 

So, if I have at all piqued your interest on this gem of a mushroom, do yo’  research and if you think it’s a good fit for you (if you have a pre-existing health condition, consult with your healthcare provider first), giving it a try might be a worth a shot. 

**I am only a certified herbalist and nutritionist, not a doctor, and am not advising YOU to take anything. I am simply reporting the benefits of a mushroom or supplement I personally have benefited greatly from.**

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