Lyme disease and Mycoplasma Can Cause Psychosis from Brain Swelling

Psychosis From Lyme Disease & Lyme Co-Infections From Lyme Induced Encephalitis

They are going to kill me. The people I love are going to kill me.

Those were the thoughts circling through my mind on the night of April 14, 2014 as I sat on my bathroom floor in the dark, rocking back and forth, with my head between my knees and the door locked.

I could hear my mother, father, and boyfriend outside the door pleading for me to unlock it so they could help me. They sounded genuinely worried. But in my head, I knew better.

They are manipulating me. They are trying to get me to open the door so they can stab me, I repeatedly told myself.

The real story started three years before this night, though, when. Most mind boggling, though, is that my journey with Lyme disease throughout this time period was not a downward spiral the entire time. I hit remission.

Then, within the course of one week, my symptoms returned -and many, many more, including frightening new ones such as hallucinations. Due to this, my intuition kept shouting something was different this time around. Deep inside, I felt what I dubbed to be a “relapse” was in fact something quite different in nature

​With each passing day, this feeling, this knowing, rapidly strengthened. And, as I continued to delve deeper into research, bits and pieces of the puzzle of my rapid descent into full blown psychosis, led me to unveil astonishing previously unknown information (to me at least).

Information so important that I am ashamed I missed it in the past. Information so bizarre, though, that I could not beat myself up over the ordeal –over the information available at my fingertips to ease my symptoms much sooner if only I would have made even the slightest effort to sit down and search—, due to the bizarre nature of what I learned.

The following information I learned regarding Lyme disease, lyme co-infections like Mycoplasma, and the link between these infections and psychosis from autoimmune encephalitis changed the course of my future treatment, and therefor most likely the course of my entire future.

To sum it up it in super simple terms, this is what I learned:

● When spirochetes from Lyme disease, and/or bacteria from any of the Mycoplasma infections, drill through a person’s brain they then migrate to other areas of the body ….sometimes taking pieces of the person’s brain tissue along with them.

● This confuses the immune system, as it becomes difficult for it to distinguish between the person’s actual brain and the bacteria, since both brain tissue and bacteria are intertwined now, and the immune systems innate response to foreign invaders like these bacterium is to mount an attack. As a result, the immune system may mistakenly turn on the individual, and attack their real brain while attempting to fight off the bacteria.

● MAKING MATTERS WORSE: To heal from Lyme disease and Lyme co-infections, an individual needs a strong immune system; but in this case, a strong immune system can also make a person much, MUCH worse …sense their immune system is also attacking their own brain as well.

● Typically, when one’s immune system is attacking their body, they take immunosuppressants and steroids to treat it. However, a person with Lyme disease and/or Mycoplasma are stuck between a rock and a hard place with this decision as taking steroids or anything to suppress immune function is not advised since doing so can give the bacteria the opportunity to ravage the person’s body systems even more severely.

● So a person in this situation is basically in a stalemate, sort of. They are backed in the corner treatment wise. If they do not pursue treatment, their disease rapidly progresses. If they do, their disease rapidly progresses. The immune system must be strengthened to successfully treat Lyme disease, but for a person in this situation, doing so can work against them. Seemingly, there is no way out.

● Is there a solution? The topic requires more study but logic and reasoning points to immunomodulators as a solution, specifically NT Factor Energy by Researched Nutritionals in this situation. Others try treatments such as IVIG , treating the autoimmune attack on the brain in the same manner as PANDAS or PANS, as it is actually considered PANS by PANDAS/PANS doctors once brain autoimmune dynamics fall into place.

● How do immunomodulators work? Lyme is a Th1 disease, meaning the immune system is impaired and needs to be strengthened in order for an individual to heal. One must boost their immune system. Autoimmune diseases such as Lupus are Th2 diseases, meaning the individual’s own immune system is attacking their body and needs to be weakened in order for them to heal. They must suppress it.

● Immunomodulators pull the individual from the healing crisis outlined above by balancing their Th1/Th2 factors. For example, NT Factor Energy by Researched Nutritionals contains astragalus, an herb often contraindicated for a person with chronic Lyme disease because it can move their disease from a Th1 disease to a Th2 disease.

Along with it, other herbs and/or supplements are added to the product that are contraindicated for use in the treatment of individuals with Th2 diseases because they hold the potential to push their disease towards a Th1 disease in nature. In this way, the opposing ingredients balance one another out, creating a more stable Th1/Th2 environment. By cancelling each other out to a large degree, they prevent the individual who is ill from moving to the extreme in either direction.

● Conclusion? This scenario could be the reason for psychosis in Lyme patients. Negligence to conduct research in this area could be, and may already be, highly dangerous.

● Just the same, diligence in this area could prove to be life-changing if not saving for hundreds of thousands of debilitated Lyme patients in the United States alone. So, if you are suffering brain autoimmune dynamics after contracting Lyme disease or a Lyme disease co-infection, talk to your Lyme doctor about this; or, find a PANS/PANDAS specialist and get checked out.

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