Gentle morning yoga for beginners

Gentle Yoga for Healing

How Gentle Yoga Can Be A Powerful Tool in Healing Lyme disease

Gentle morning yoga for beginners
This beginner friendly gentle morning yoga has healing, therapeutic benefits. It will help loosen the body and clear the mind for a more positive day.

Physical activity is absolutely paramount for total recovery, there is no way around it, and gentle yoga has many healing benefits. You must stimulate healthy blood flow to get well, especially after months (or for many of us years, some even decades) of living a mostly if not entirely sedentary life, and slowly incorporating a gentle yoga practice into your healing regimen is a great way to safely and slowly get the blood flowing.

Gentle yoga also has other major healing benefits, such as its ability to help you reorient yourself in your physical body and reestablish a mind body soul connection. Gentle healing yoga can help you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, or put another way, help you learn to be comfortable in (and thus remain present in) your physical body even when in pain.

Gentle Yoga Can Offer Multiple Healing Benefits for Individuals with Lyme disease or Anyone Healing From Other Long Term Illnesses or Injuries

Restoring healthy blood flow is what flushes out toxic accumulation left over despite all the detox techniques (supplements, chelation, binders, detox baths, etc) you have undergone throughout treatment. 

Despite all the detox methods, there is almost always left over toxins often accumulated from inflammation as opposed to die off from antibacterials and other treatments, that must be flushed out by restoring blood flow through physical activity. 

Once you are able to begin slowly incorporating gentle physical movement into your healing, this is what ultimately stimulates what I like to call the healing processes in the body that take place near the “end game” (aka full health). 

Still, why yoga and not other forms of exercise? Well, here’s why. After years spent isolated much of the time, and trauma endured by the body and mind unimaginable to most, you also have to heal and “flush out” the toxicity buried within from these deeper, soul level wounds. 

Yoga is more than physical practice. 

It also includes pranayama (breathing exercises to restore the prana, or flow of life force, in the body), yoga Nidra (a form of yogic sleep), meditation and incorporating yogic philosophies as a way of life. 

So, by using yoga as our physical activity, we also target the deeper traumas and emotional issues accumulated throughout long term illness. These too must be purged from our system in a healthy way in order to fully heal. 

benefits of gentle yoga chronic illness

In my opinion, yoga is paramount in healing and one of the primary pillars to restoring health on all levels for this very reason: during a long term illness, the mind, body and soul often become disconnected. There are many reasons why this happens (for example, when the body is in pain, the mind’s first instinct is to disconnect from the body and do anything to not be fully present in it, although this is when the body needs us most).

However, all reasons are the manifestation of one underlying, primary reason: we are uncomfortable being uncomfortable. Sounds silly, right? Yet, it’s so true …and this is where yoga comes in to play as an invaluable healing tool and way of life. Through yoga practices and the yogic philosophies, we learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable must occur for us to remain fully present on all levels when in any sort of pain —mental or physical—, and being present during pain is required to properly navigate our way through a complex journey like healing from a complex illness. It is essential to reclaiming and reuniting the fragmented parts of the deep self with  the conscious self so we may again become be whole, integrated beings capable of living a fully inhabited life. 

Thus, becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable paves the very path to healing —the foundation upon which our healing road map is filled in with all other healing modalities and treatments.  

Its ability to do so is, to a large degree, due to the fact that yoga involves more than the physical yoga practice. The physical practice is also known as the “asana” practice, as yoga poses are called “asanas”. It is also a way to distinguish the physical practice from the 2 other integral exercises to a fully embodied yoga practice: meditation and pranayama, which we will touch on fully later. For now, lets ease in some gentle movement into our day and not overwhelm ourselves with details.

In short, yoga is a powerful healing tool because it involves healing intervention on mind, body and soul levels as opposed to just one like most healing modalities (although other treatments are certainly still warranted, and I am not advocating you quit any of them or make any changes to your current protocol —including starting this gentle program or any sort of yoga even— the  primary healthcare practitioner overseeing your case). 

If interested, check out this morning’s gentle yoga practice. Depending on your level of debilitation you may prefer something simpler and shorter, such as one of the bed yoga practices.





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