Happiness, and the Difference between Healing and Curing

Desperately desiring to feel alive, we scour all sources for answers. All the while, the feeling driving us on burns ferociously inside, the thought that we are living a waking death is vibrantly alive. Rumbling its way through our blood, our bones, our hearts, and our heads, it clouds us from seeing anything clearly. It gives us a one track mind focused on finding a miracle cure. With only one track to go on, we are bound to stampede our way into an icy brick wall at the inevitable dead end. A dead end that is not what we want. What we want is happiness, and happiness has no end, only an open freeway leading to growth and change.

To be happy means to align our goals with our values and core beliefs, and then make our choices accordingly, without straying off our paths to purpose. It is not the curing in itself that will bring happiness, as if happiness is some future destination. It is the path to healing, the here and now which brings happiness. It is not some distant event we must wait for. In fact, we shouldn’t, or we are very likely to never reach it.

The choices we make each and every moment throughout each and every day of our lives define happiness, because they define our paths. Our choices navigate us down our paths -when they fall in alignment with our values and what we believe to be our purpose in life, we do not create a path TO happiness, rather we create a path OF happiness. And to me, that is the difference between healing and curing. Healing happens now, in this very second, and the next and the next, depending on the choices we make.

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