Another full moon has passed, reminding me that life seems like one long day, a constant horror movie in which I have been cast.

I go to sleep each night, only to wake to the same familiar morning, as I make my way cautiously through the day, quite aware that pain comes without a warning.

Dark waters surround me and spark my desire to shut the world out. 

Still my face remains stone cold, my muscles paralyzed, while inside I scream and shout.

That I am nothing and therefore everything is a constant truth trapped within, battling my ego as the two relentlessly thrash about.

My mind is racing with thoughts going everywhere and nowhere, as I stare out my window at the life I once knew with a blank stare created by the denial that I honestly do not care.

Every evening a crushing fog succumbs me, making it impossible for me to clearly see my own reality. 

Yet deep within, I am aware this in itself is the very thing I am meant to see. 

This is the  lesson we all must learn, the one that teaches us to let go and to just simply be, because only then are we truly set free.

And thus marks the illusion of time sparked by countless hours battling Lyme.

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